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Saplings is an interactive NFT collection
healing humanity.

It's the firstfully 3D dynamic nft!
Drag me.

Our Green Manifesto:

We’re living through change so profound. As the earth heats up, we can’t just stand by and watch — the time to act is now. We won't be able to stop climate change alone, but we can at least try to cool down the planet by getting the word out and teaching people how they can help.

Creating a radical safe and inclusive space for driving change and history. We see this as the start of a global movement that will unite people from all corners of the globe in a common cause: to make everyone think, reflect and act for the good of our beloved Earth.

When harnessed right, NFTs offer a unique opportunity to promote social good for the planet while having fun. If you care about Earth, people and justice — or if you just want to own some of the coolest & cutest NFTs — then here's your chance.

Get involved, enter Saplings' universe:
We can make a change — together.

A nostalgic mash-up of gameswe all know!

We draw inspiration from the games we played as kids, including Animal Crossing, Pokémon, and Tamagotchi—and we're building on top of that—we are not affiliated with Nintendo or Bandai.

quests, battle pass and loot boxes

Unlock quests &huge rewards

Inspired by Pokémon, participate in a wide variety of quests, battle-pass, tournaments – earn XP, level up and unlock limited cosmetics, secret items, etc.

furnitures decoration home

Decorate yourlittle garden

Inspired by Animal Crossing, decorate your room with unique collectibles and furnishings that you'll earn as you progress through Saplings' adventures.

pet saplings

Take care ofyour Saplings

Inspired by Tamagotchi, raise your Saplings' level to unlock holders only benefits, unique cosmetics and awesome innovations in the NFT space.


embark onthis journey

Created by the hands of a talented team, immerse yourself in one of the most exciting worlds committed to promote climate justice through NFTs.

But... what are we
really fighting?

Here is a glimpse at how climate change threatens our world, showing all the issues that still need to be addressed.

dry land - @renzods on Unsplash
parrot - @imandrewpons on Unsplash
rainforests - @yan_slg on Unsplash
ocean - @francesco_ungaro on Unsplash
Man holding a flower pot - credit to One Tree Planted

#SaveOurFuture#SaveTheWildLife#SaveTheForests#SaveTheOcean#SaveUsClick to Explore

Not convinced?

Let's project ourselves into a future where we do nothing, we do not fight climate change: "Water supplies will be affected; Amazon forests will collapse; food will be in short supply; land and cities will be underwater; hunger, plague, and disease will increase; new wars will be started..."

Ecosystems in danger?

New and intensified threats are affecting wildlife. Ecosystems and habitats are being destroyed, shifting, shrinking, melting or disappearing entirely. Intense weather and unusual heat can destroy nesting trees, drown animals, spread invasive species, stress plants and lead to other problems for animals. Animals' life cycles are out of sync with plant growth and seasonal changes.

Why are trees so important?

Trees help clean the air we breathe, filter the water we drink, and provide habitat to over 80% of the world's terrestrial biodiversity. Forests provide jobs to over 1.6 billion people, absorb harmful carbon from the atmosphere, and are key ingredients in 25% of all medicines.

Correlation between climate change and the ocean?

The ocean covers about 50% of Earth's surface. So, it's not surprising that it plays a large part in Earth's environment. Affected by global warming, humans and fish species are threatened, Polar ice melt, sea levels rises... At all scale, the ocean plays a major role in our survival.

Why does this also affect the human species?

Between 2030 and 2050, climate change is expected to cause approximately 250 000 additional deaths per year. Global warming has already led to more frequent extreme weather events, reduced air and water quality, increased spread of certain diseases; disruptions of food systems; mental health issues...

Backed by top recognized NGOs & Partners

trees for the future logoamazon conservation logoone tree planted logo

The bigquestion:How?

We've partnered with top non-profit organizations that actively work to stop and reverse climate change. When you grab a FREE Saplings NFT, you have the choice to donate any amount of Ethereum. 50% of the funds will be directly sent to our partners and used to fight environmental issues throughout the world.

We're here to harness and empower the beautifulness of the NFT community in a way that entertains, informs and educates users about climate change — with the goal of restoring balance between humans and nature.

50%OF the donations WILL GO to our NGOs partners.
ETH coin

Step into theWilderness




Explore our long-termimpact roadmap

Q2 2022

Chapter I.

Planting Seeds & Removing Weeds


We are pleased to announce the launch of our website and Discord on Earth's Day.

The roadmap and features have been properly addressed and structured.

Discover the Saplings’s Universe, a nostalgic mash-up of the team's favorite childhood games:
Animal Crossing, Pokémon, and Tamagotchi. This immersive experience will be your new profile picture, your life-long companion, and a long-term mini-game with benefits.

Q3 2022

Chapter II.

Fighting Deforestation & Saving Trees


On a mission to spread awareness and educate people on the climate crisis—we are here to create a lovely, regen(erative) community and promote eco-friendly lifestyle.

We will bring you the latest climate change news in an engaging way by challenging you to collect XP and level up through our new innovative battle-pass system. Each time you level up, you’ll unlock limited-edition accessories for your Saplings, roles, Whitelist spots, airdrops and random loot boxes.

Q4 2022

Chapter III.

Discovering Our Beautiful Nature


Each Saplings will be randomly generated from a mix of over 100 traits, on-the-fly, when minted. 100% crafted and hand-painted by our team of 3D Designers and Concept Artists (Textures, 3D Accessories, Backgrounds, Expressions and Poses). There are over 20 millions potential combinations and each one is guaranteed to be unlike any other in existence.

Introducing a pure innovation in the NFT Space—one of the first Interactive and Dynamic NFT out there. Forget everything you know about NFTs, because Saplings will be a major change from the norm.

Your new NFT won’t be static; your NFT won’t be an image (you will still be able to use it as a PFP, don’t worry). Saplings will introduce a fully immersive 3D experience where you can interact with your NFT in real time. This one will evolve over time—any updates or new features added will reflect directly into your NFT).

Mini-updates/features example: Imagine if we want to give you a Christmas hat on Christmas day. In a matter of seconds, everyone would be able to claim their hat and add it to their Saplings Character.

To celebrate the occasion, we will hold a beta-presale featuring the first 40 NFTs at 50% off. Only our most committed members will have access to this opportunity—this will help us get feedback and improve the overall experience for the real minting phase.

Q4 2022

Chapter IV.

Absorbing Sunlight & Watering Plants


Right after the BETA minting phase, we will launch our second innovation in the NFT space: the “Photo-Synthesis” studio. A place where you can take a picture of your NFT in a unique way. You'll be able to take pictures of your Sapling from any angle and with any background, accessories, and expression you choose. In a few clicks, you can change the photo of your NFT and update it across all marketplaces and social media. It’s like Photoshop for NFTs!

Q2 2023

Chapter V.

Enjoying a Blossom Day


It's time for saplings to see the light of day!
*Official Launch*
We have begun sending the percentage of the donations that was pledged to our NGOs.

Q2 2023

Chapter VI.

Giving Back Nature The Rights it Deserves


We will Introduce “The Stage”—our mission is to spread awareness and educate people about the climate crisis. We know that a lot of our community members can have a really strong story to tell—we want to give them a voice, emphasize their story, and help them share what they have to say by leveraging all of our social media activity.

We’ll organize a series of AMA (Ask Me Anything) sessions with our NGO partners to highlight the positive impacts that our donations will have.

We’ll also be holding trash pickup and different events all around the world, allowing us to and learn about each other as we help clean up and debate over the environmental issues.

Holders Benefits Not Mentioned So Far

Alongside all the milestones listed below, we want to give the most out of this NFT.

We will try to push the boundaries of the possibilities in terms of collaboration and main-stream adoptions—we want to give you long term benefits like: private ticket access to conference, meetups on the climate crisis and environmental issues. We want to partner with cities and places where we can promote sustainability by offering discounts on subway tickets and bike rental.

Finally, we will try to help local communities in needs through our different NGOs partners by leveraging our community—YOU will be part of this huge social movement 💚.

We Care For Our Whole Community Including Non-Holders

  • Non-holders will still be able to participate in upcoming community events
  • Education will remain accessible to everyone


25,000$ Donated

Taking Care Of The Garden


We cannot promise you a world without global warming by then, but we can still continue our quest for education with milestones!

We want to involve our Holders—all of you—in shaping the Saplings project. We'll be taking your votes into account on almost every in-game decision.

A more immersive and enjoyable gaming experience, in the palm of your hand:
Transforming this experience into a playable tamagotchi, take care of your Saplings, participate in a variety of mini-games and win new rewards and accessories. Adding a lot of in-game and IRL quests. Introducing the Garden, our 3rd innovation, a place that you can decorate with furnitures that you earn by engaging in community activities (Events, airdrop, giveaways, quests & loot boxes system, etc.) Inspired by Animal Crossing, you will be able to customize your Garden, rotate and place furnitures and view them live when visiting your NFT online. Customize it however you want; those furnishings will be visible when you will take a new PFP of your Saplings.


50,000$ Donated

Spirit of Storytelling & Education

  • We plan to create a Comic for children featuring your NFTs.
    We think that the best way to save the world is to start with our children. Something that will teach kids about how their actions affect the earth. This way, they'll learn from an early age how important it is to take care of our planet.

We will involve all our holders into the creation of this Comic—and we will feature your NFTs inside. Let's teach the world together.

Every donors will get a FREE shipment on the Comic.


75,000$ Donated

Dropping a Mobile Game

  • Releasing a crazy and addictive mobile game.
  • What about learning useful things about our planet while having fun?
    We will involve all our holders into the creation of this Game—and we will feature your NFTs inside. Let's teach the world together ✨

Every donors will get a Welcome pack inside the Game. Every NFT of every holder will be used in the Game. (With their respective names and genres)


100,000$ Donated

Let’s Be United Forever & Play Some Games

  • We said it is a great time to teach children about conserving the planet Earth. What about everyone else? Everyone should be aware of that, Your grandma, your uncle... even your dog!
    We plan to create and launch a Board Game for the whole family—A great way to learn more about our planet while having fun 💚 (We will create this one in multiple languages)

We will involve all our holders into the creation of this Board Game—and we will feature your NFTs inside as well.

Every donors will get a FREE shipment on the Board game.